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Zwei getrocknete Blätter

"Life is like a play, but so rarely does anyone look behind the scenes anymore"

Zitat von Markus Schröder

My works show that it is worth taking a look behind the scenes and stepping out of the comfort zone. They make people go through life not only with open eyes, but also with open hearts.


I see myself as an artist who became aware of the vision to create something at a young age. Ever since I was little it has been my dream to become a chef de cuisine and to use my creativity to create works of art, both visually and tastefully. In 2017 I found my passion for painting and started to use art as a language medium, true to the motto "It's worth looking twice".


"Every person is like a work of art that is worth looking at from different angles"

Zitat von Markus Schröder


Dekorative getrocknete Pflanzen

My artworks are mostly based on acrylic or mixed media. In my works I try to capture moments, expressive movements and their feelings, which conveys a variety of different emotions to the viewer. True to the motto

"It's worth looking at more often."

I am inspired by different personalities,

Movements, expressions and moments of everyone that can trigger so many things in one. Depending on what you have experienced or gone through in your life. It's the little details or moments that inspire me the most and tempt me to give shape to these feelings

or to give an expression.

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